2020 Windows installation prices

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Windows installation cost

On average cost of windows installation varies from $90 to $970+ per window and actual price will depend on a number of factors.

Installing 12 - 14 different dimensions windows (excluding bay or garden windows) in the whole 2 story 1,950 – 2,450 ft2 house will be estimated at $2,150 - $3,200.

Before getting a quote for installing or replacing windows in the house decide which product you are planning to use. Wood frame windows which are clad in aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl from outside to protect wooden frame are one of the most expensive. Vinyl frame windows typically cheapest. Always take into account color of the window and design. Some products might be unavailable for market in certain colors. Double-hung and casement windows are the most popular and fit well into any style of the home from modern contemporary to craftsman bungalow. Additionally, Energy Star certified windows might cost you more to purchase, but could lower energy bill by 10% – 15%.

Cost to replace windows in the house

Windows replacement cost normally 35% - 45% higher in comparison to installation option only because of additional time will be spend for removing old window and possible preparation work. Expect to pay $2,8003,650 for 10 - 11 windows replacement in one story ranch home with basement.

Windows installation cost comparison chart (prices per window installed)1
Cost to install windows on a 1st floor and basement
Window dimensions and type
Installation cost2
1 section windows installation
up to 32" x 32"
$90 - $110
32 ¼" x 32 ¼" - 58" x 58"
$95 - $145
bigger than 58 ¼" X 58 ¼"
$150 - $170
2 sections windows installation
up to 47 ½" x 59 ½"
$120 - $160
47 ¾" x 59 ¾" - 72" x 59 ¾"
$150 - $195
bigger than 72 ¼" x 60"
$185 - $240
3 or more sections window installation
$205 - $445
Bay or garden window installation
$690 - $970+
Storm window installation
$40 - $55
Cost to install windows on 2nd – 3rd floor
1 section windows installation
up to 32" x 32"
$105 - $140
32 ¼" x 32 ¼" - 58" x 58"
$125 - $195
bigger than 58 ¼" X 58 ¼"
$170 - $230
2 sections windows installation
up to 47 ½" x 59 ½"
$130 - $180
47 ¾" x 59 ¾" - 72" x 59 ¾"
$170 - $235
bigger than 72 ¼" x 60"
$225 - $295
3 or more sections window installation
$270 - $605
Storm window installation
$50 - $75
Additional charges
Removing old window
$55 - $95
Caulk application around the window
$15 - $55
Capping window
$65 - $105
Fixing or reframing window opening
$45 - $60 per hour

1 Cost to install windows in the house determined as labor expenses for standard installation excluding materials cost and delivery expenses. Depending on work complexity prices per window installed will be adjusted after on-site inspection. Prices in the chart for installation windows only and cannot be considered as a gross window replacement cost. Additional work including removing old window, fixing or resizing rough opening will be quoted separately.

2 Average labor cost per window installed calculated based on installation of 9 windows minimum. Smaller amount of windows will be charged at higher rate per window to install.

Main factors affecting the cost of windows installation


Size and shape of the window

Bigger windows are much harder to install especially if there are a few sections which have to be assemble into one piece. Installation of a high end custom made windows in odd shapes might take longer to install and the cost of labor will increase.

Window weight

Replacement vinyl windows are much lighter comparing to windows with solid wood frame and metal clad resulting in lower charges for installation.

How high the windows above ground level

First floor or basement windows will be quoted at cheapest rate. Lifting windows on a second floor or higher require additional time and the prices will go up.

Size of a project or how many windows have to be installed

One window installation will be charged at higher rate per window compare to installing 7 – 10 windows at a time. If you have only one 28” x 36” window to install expect to pay $180 - $250 but if there 10 of them installer might charge $1,150 - $1,600 for all which makes it $115 - $160 per window.

Preparation work

In older siding houses window frame might be damaged by water and replacing wood and fixing window opening will result in extra fees.

What is the cost to install a window on upper floors?

Any installer will see how hard it will be to reach the window and what will be involved. Often windows on upper floors have to be replaced using special equipment from the roof or if window dimensions allow from inside the house or apartment. In some cases complicated situations can increase the cost for installation as much as 95%.

Each contractor or handyman will have own rates which vary, but always make sure it will be done right. Poor installation might cost you not only replacing improperly installed windows again but fixing other damages in the house cause by leaking windows.

How much did you spend or think it is a fair price to pay for windows installation?


* The numbers are a general idea what expect to pay for a particular remodeling project. The data was analyzed based on hundreds of home improvement projects, but on the national scale it is NOT enough to say the accuracy is high. Exact labor cost will be estimated only after contractor or installer inspects the area.