Patio sizes

Standard patio dimensions

There is no standardization as well as no minimum or maximum required patio dimensions defined. Homeowners can add any preferable size patio to exterior property design. But there is always a common sense and basic approaches to determination of what will be the ideal dimension of a new addition to your house.

Space limitations

On 50’ x 120’ city lot with 30’ x 45’ two story house and 20’ x 22’ detached two car garage there is might be not an option to build spacious patio and simple 12’ x 16’ pavers addition will be a perfect solution for placing 84” long x 42” wide dinner table and still have plenty room for 3-burner 30 in. x 60 in. propane gas grill. But many townhouses do not have even that much space and only 6’ x 9’ patio can be built on tiny backyard for accommodating a single table and two chairs.

Shape and design

Personal preference is an essential factor which will be taken into account while planning the shape and overall design. A patio can be built next to the house or 10 – 20 feet away and connected to the building with 36” – 48” wide walkway. Normally it is cheaper to build square or rectangular patio compare to oval, circle or other odd shapes. Optional shade structure can be constructed to protect the space from direct sun light or rain.

Outdoor furniture

It is always a good idea to know the purpose of a future patio and plan the size and shape depending on how you see it will be organized after construction. If besides table with 4 – 6 chairs you are planning to place couple 28” x 80” chaise lounges for taking sun bathes during hot summer days, smaller 9’ x 11’ patio may be out of consideration and you might start working on designing large dimensions addition.

Materials factor

There is wide range of materials from exotic wood planks and natural stone tiles to man-made rubber pavers and concrete bricks can be used for building a new patio and before making a final decision what to choose, evaluate always advantages and disadvantages of each. Besides the cost and appearance, pay close attention to weather resistance as one of the most important quality of a certain product.

What is ideal patio size?

There are typically no such thing as ideal dimensions, because it is very depend on particular situation. Building a patio, which is bigger than a whole house, might not be a wise investment even if you have plenty of unused space. At the same time, tiny 8 ft. in diameter patio might be unnoticeable on one acre lot with 4,300 ft2 two story custom build home.

Analyzing type of terrain, house lot dimensions, practical use of a patio and very often affordability will lead to a decision what actual measurements will be a perfect fit into your outdoor landscaping design.