Bedroom sizes

There are no accepted standards when it comes to bedroom sizes. Designers or architects as well as homeowners might go with any measurements while creating a house plan with no specific restrictions. Actual bedroom dimensions might vary from 9’ x 9’ to 17’ x 17’ or even more deepening on a size of a house and personal preferences.

Common bedroom sizes

Typically bedrooms with the longest wall up to 12 feet will accommodate a full size or smaller bed, two nightstands and medium dimensions dresser. Very compact 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meters) bedroom might be perfect choice for children, a single person or as a spare room for overnight guests.

Medium master bedroom usually will have at least 190 ft² of floor area what allows to place a bed with queen or king size mattress as well as some essential furniture. Walk – in closet, bathroom and bedroom can be designed as master bedroom unit with separate interior entrance door. It is a very common and practical option for marriage couples.

Large master bedrooms which exceed 280 square feet or 26 square meters plus another 150 ft² of master bath and walk-in closet might be planned in bigger homes because it will consume too much of a total house area. Having a master bedroom, which will be a half of a whole house size, is not a rational decision.

Organizing bedroom

Normally a three bedroom house will have a bigger master bedroom and two smaller rooms which might be used not only for a sole purpose of placing a bed, but as office area as well. Even though standard is contradict the whole creativity meaning always consider minimum recommended bedroom dimensions depending on furniture measurements and how the whole room will be organized. While planning a new house it might be a wise to consider building in bedroom furniture instead of traditional freestanding dressers. Such option will significantly improve the space usage and the whole bedroom will have more aesthetic appearance.

Putting a 76” x 80” king size bed in tiny 10’ x 10’ room might be not the best solution and roomier bedroom might be more suitable for such spacious mattress. But even 17 x 17 feet bedroom overloaded with furniture might seem not that big. At the same time twin bed which has 39” x 75” actual dimensions might be a perfect fit even in 90 ft² bedroom.

Bedroom shape

While many simple houses will have square or rectangle bedrooms it doesn’t mean other shapes should be taken out of consideration list. Playing with design might eventually lead to creating unique, stylish and at the same time practical bedroom which will 100% satisfy a family requirements.

Ideal bedroom dimensions

Always consider the fact ideal bedroom size is a room dimensions which will be adequate to overall house proportions, meet family needs and practical requirements. Many houses have average bedroom 140 – 150 square feet while for some homes it might be just an ideal size of a walk-in closet. Also many master bedrooms in custom build 3,700 ft² homes might be a size of a whole one bedroom apartment.