Estimating kitchen sink replacement cost

How much does it cost to replace kitchen sink?

Cost of a kitchen sink replacement determined by a few essential factors. Purchasing price of a new sink, additional materials expenses and cost of labor will define the total amount spent on kitchen sink replacement. Many installers have standard rates for removal existing and installation a new kitchen sink and quote for basic replacement can be provided with no in-home consultation required. There is also a probability of extra charges for the work which goes beyond simple replacement, but normally additional fees are insignificant and very rare exceed 30% of a total basic replacement expenses.

Calculating a kitchen sink replacement cost

Kitchen sink prices


Single bowl drop-in 25"W x 22"D x 9"H acrylic kitchen sink is one of the least expensive options. Triple bowl self-rimming cast iron sink with glass finish is more expensive. Some apron kitchen sinks made from copper can be extremely pricy and total cost with replacement can be close to the cost of 35 ft2 natural stone countertop. But because of wide variety of kitchen sinks available on the market there is huge difference in price between cheapest and the most expensive fixture as well.

While planning to replace kitchen sink there is high probability that additional materials including silicone, plumber’s putty, new p-traps or even PVC pipes, primer and cement should be purchased separately.

Labor cost to replace a kitchen sink


Normally a kitchen sink replacement is a project which takes place with a new counter installation. But if the kitchen countertop is still in perfect condition and just upgrade of a sink desirable, an installer will charge minimum fee for disconnecting the sink from drain pipes, if necessary removing faucet, taking out the sink and mounting a new one. Installation of a few things like kitchen faucet, garbage disposal or soap dispenser won’t be counted as a basic kitchen sink replacement and every task will be priced sedately.

Shopping for a new kitchen sink


On a low budget consider waiting for seasonal sales at local or on-line home improvement retailers. Before making purchase make sure to get measurements correctly and narrow choices down to same type of fixture as old one. If you have laminate countertop in combination with overmount 33x22 9" deep sink it might be impossible or costly to upgrade it with a new undermount or different dimensions drop-in sink.

Estimating replacement time


An experienced installer should be able to disconnect garbage disposal and p-trap; remove acrylic and install new 32x21x8 undermount stainless steel kitchen sink in couple hours. Complex additional work including drilling extra holes for a faucet will consume more time, but it is uncommon that a kitchen sink replacement will last longer than half day.

Work complexity


Many handy homeowners might consider decreasing overall kitchen sink replacement expenses by cutting the cost of labor and complete the project by self. It definitely doable task for many property owners with basic construction skills. But depending on difficulty of work and your ability to manage installation successfully, it might be better to hire an experienced installer who will perform the kitchen sink replacement professionally and will guaranty the quality of work.