Grout cleaning cost

How much does it cost to clean grout?

With omitting periodical maintenance, grout will lose its appearance between tile relatively fast especially in the rooms with high moisture levels such as bathrooms or powder rooms. The cost to bring grout lines in perfect condition depends on multiple factors like size of the tile area, type of grout cleaner which has to be purchased, and who will be hired to perform the work. Those are three main aspects which affect total expenses to get the work done.

Estimating tile grout cleaning cost

Grout cleaners prices comparison


Cost of grout cleaners vary and depends on type of cleaners and brands. If the grout just slightly discolored, regular bathroom cleaner might dissolve the dirt and work well. In case lines between tiles heavily stained, purchasing heavy duty grout cleaner is the best solution.

Determination of labor cost to clean grout


Labor expenses to clean grout will primary depend on a project size and difficulty of work. Single application of grout cleaner on dirty surface with slight wiping doesn’t have much of a difference between regular cleaning job and the cost for such procedure will be minimal. Stripping out build-up dirt and stain with multiple cleaner applications and scrubbing will result in cleaning cost increase.

To prevent clean sanded or non-sanded grout lines from grease and dirt penetration sealer should be applied on grout surface after cleaning project complete and grout dried out.

Shopping for grout cleaner and additional materials


Wide range of grout cleaners is available at nearly any home improvement store, and choosing a proper one is one of the most important tasks. Before making any purchase, always read product description. While cleaning grout it is impossible to avoid contact with tile and acid cleaners might damage the surface of natural stone tiles such as travertine, soapstone, marble, granite or limestone. Most neutral cleaners are safe for any type of tile and grout particular. Regular soap detergents or dishwasher liquids might work well on grout as well.

Breaking down cleaning time


In general, cleaning grout lines between 12” x 12” tiles on 120 – 150 ft2 surface area is a couple hours project. It will normally take 20 – 30 minutes to apply cleaner on grout surface. Depending on product, waiting time during which cleaner actually do the work and dissolve the dirt vary and it shouldn’t take longer than 15 min. Extra half an hour will be devoted to wiping dirt out. After grout completely dry and clean application of protective sealer takes typically less than 25 minutes.

Work complexity


Grout cleaning is one of the easiest home improvement projects and most of homeowners who do not use professional cleaning service are able to remove stain or dirt from tile grout as well. Moreover in majority of cases grout losing its look because lack of maintenance. Constantly cleaned and periodically sealed grout normally will not absorb any particles which will cause its discoloring.