Laminate flooring calculator

Calculator to estimate how many boxes of laminate flooring to buy for the project.

Input parameters
Area dimensions
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area width W1
Area length L2
Flooring specifications
Laminate flooring dimensions3
Waste factor4
Sq. Ft. of laminate flooring per box5

Computed parameters
Total installation area6
Sq. Ft.
Number of laminate planks or tiles to purchase7
Number of boxes necessary to buy8

Laminate flooring calculator estimates total installation area square footage, amount of laminate flooring planks or tiles to buy, and number of laminate flooring boxes to order for completing the project based on room dimensions, planks size, square footage of flooring per case and waste factor.

By default, calculator computes parameters for up to four rooms including installation of laminate flooring in typical bedroom, larger living room, average kitchen and medium size office. All input parameters could be adjusted to actual room measurements and laminate flooring dimensions.

Input parameters:

All numbers should be entered as real numbers which are bigger than 0 (zero) for specific value or equal to zero for no value parameters.

1 W – width of laminate flooring installation area in feet. Inches values should be entered as real number means 3 inches = 0.25 feet; 6” = 0.5’; 9” = 0.75’ and so on.

2 L – length of laminate flooring installation area in feet. Input real numbers only.

3 Actual laminate flooring planks or tiles size (width x length) in inches. In calculator included the most common dimensions of laminate flooring planks and tiles.

4 Waste factor greatly depends on professionalism during installation, laminate flooring quality and installation pattern. While installing flooring in the rectangular room with no obstacles waste factor could be as low as 5%. Laying laminate flooring at 45°, around kitchen island or extended fireplaces could lead to waste factor increase. Accurate calculation of materials usage could be done only after in-home inspection.

5 Actual floor coverage by a single case of laminate flooring.

Computed parameters - all parameters rounded to the whole number.

6 Total area is actual flooring area where laminate flooring has to be installed.

7 Number of laminate wood planks or stone tiles to buy is an actual amount of flooring necessary to purchase for performing laminate flooring installation project. Computed number includes waste factor. Number of planks or tiles is not a parameter for estimating installation time, flooring cost or order size. All calculations should be done based on coverage and square footage not on amount of particular flooring planks.

8 Number of boxes is an actual number of laminate flooring cases to purchase for performing certain flooring project.

Laminate flooring calculator is for a general purpose only and computes parameters with high accuracy for basic projects. Usage of flooring during complex custom work could be significantly increased.